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Personal Training

Tailored Fitness Plan

Personalised training plan, setting out your personal targets.

Private Gym

Private Gym

Private fitness environment to ensure all clients feel at ease and confident.



A fitness consultation will determine your exercise requirements to ensure desired results are achieved.

  • VibroGym®

    30 minute session

    £15 per session

    Sessions include a warm up, series of exercises, stretches and a massage.

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    VibroGym® is a highly valuable and efficient form of exercise, stimulating the whole muscular system leading to excellent results in a fraction of the time required by most conventional training methods. In 15 minutes you can complete effective training of your entire body.

    VibroGym® Personal Training

    Before you begin VibroGym® Personal Training you will receive a thorough consultation to design a personalised program.

    A personal training session on the VibroGym® will last for 30 minutes. All sessions are delivered from Becky's exclusive private gym in Pontefract, Yorkshire and include a thorough warm up, series of exercises, stretches and finally a massage.

    Your progress will be monitored and program updated on a continuous basis.

    VibroGym® benefits include:

    • increase in the strength and stability of the vertebral column and pelvic floor
    • increased power and strength
    • recruitment of the deeper lying muscles
    • increased metabolism & fat burning
    • control of cellulites
    • flexibility
    • increased bone density
    • pain reduction