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Personal Training

Tailored Fitness Plan

Personalised training plan, setting out your personal targets.

Private Gym

Private Gym

Private fitness environment to ensure all clients feel at ease and confident.



A fitness consultation will determine your exercise requirements to ensure desired results are achieved.

  • Pilates

    Private Pilates tuition

    £25 per session

    A 60 minute private tuition for a Personal Training approach to Pilates.

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    Matwork classes

    Matwork classes are held at various locations across Yorkshire.

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    Pilates is one of the fastest growing fitness techniques in the UK today. Pilates is a unique method that is renowned for developing core abdominal strength, improving posture, flexibility and balance. Through using various Pilates techniques, you can develop a leaner body by strengthening and stretching body muscles.

    Becky has many referrals from health practioners in the Pontefract and Doncaster area as a result of great success with clients.

    Private and semi-private lessons

    Private and semi-private lessons are ideal for those who would like to gain a sound understanding of the technique before joining a matwork class. They are also highly recommended to those who prefer a personal training approach, or those with injuries who are following a rehabilitation programme.

    Private lessons are normally held at Becky's exclusive private gym in Pontefract, Yorkshire. Each private session includes a full postural assessment from which a personal Pilates programme is established.

    Matwork classes

    Becky also offers one hour matwork classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each class is based on small numbers to allow individuals to develop at their own pace.

    It is recommended that clients have at least one private session before attending a group class. As class numbers are restricted, you will need to book before attending a class.

    Please bring a small towel and water to each class. Mats, blocks and additional Pilates equipment are available from Becky however you are welcome to bring your own.


    The equipment used for Pilates is essential. You can purchase the following equipment from Becky:

    • Magic Circle
    • Foam Roller
    • Dyna Band
    • Mini Pilates Ball
    • Pilates Mat
    • Pilates Blocks

    Contact Becky via the contact page for further details and orders.


    Health practitioner referred clients are asked to book at least one private session before attending a matwork class to complete a full postural assessment and enable a personal Pilates programme to be established.